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Warm welcome to you!

What if you found a place that honors the heart and wholeness of yoga? A place that encourages you to begin exactly as you are. Where a base of self-acceptance provides a sturdy platform for learning and growth at your own pace.

Our yoga provides a gentle beginning with plenty of depth to move into. Self-acceptance is one of the things I most remember about my first visit to Kripalu Center (Stockbridge, MA). Finally, I found yoga and movement without a sense of competition. Instead, an invitation to be curious and learn to witness myself without judgement.

Here at WholeHeart, we love working with women and men who are seeking a slower, mindful pace with inspiration to support ease in your body and in life.  This doesn’t mean you won’t warm up and flow more quickly at times, but our intention is to help create yoga with self-awareness.  Awareness happens when we allow ourselves to slow down.

You’re in the right place if you’re wanting to breathe easy, warmup gradually, learn mindfulness practices, hear stories of yoga in real life, practice meditation-in-motion – and of course! – experience the physical benefits of growing stronger, more flexible, more filled with life.

We look forward to being with you.
Pam Jackson, Director


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449 Forest Ave. #11, Portland, ME 04101.

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“WholeHeart Yoga has become a part of my life.  It is exactly what I was looking for when  I started practicing yoga over ten years ago.  The most obvious thing you will find when you walk through the door is a sense of welcome.  Each instructor I have worked with over the years has shown warmth, friendliness and a genuine sense of caring.”
– Ellen C.