Julie Gray

Who I am:
A lifelong explorer of Yoga, meditation and healing.

What I teach:
Embodied Meditation

Why I teach:
To share yoga as a pathway to the unfoldment of our human and spiritual natures as an integrated whole. My class is gentle, Exploratory, Subtle, Spacious.  It includes study as well as movement inquiries into physical body anatomy and subtle body anatomy.

What brought me to Yoga:
My curiosity about the nature of life brought me to Yoga as a teenager.  The living process of Yoga gradually took root in me and here I am 45 years later – still exploring, playing, opening and loving.

Favorite Pose:
Sitting Meditation brings me great joy and peace in the midst of the ups and downs of daily living.

Off the mat:
Nature lover, Movement Explorer, Wife, Sister, Friend and Meditator.

“What is the body?  That shadow of a shadow of your love that somehow contains the entire universe.”  – Rumi

Certifications and degrees:
I am a Kripalu certified yoga teacher, Integrative Yoga Therapist,  Registered Nurse and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.
I have taken many trainings in yoga, somatic movement modalities, energy medicine,  Craniosacral therapy and meditation.

A few of my main teachers include Jack Kornfield, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Richard Freeman, Sally Kempton, Reggie Ray and Franklyn Sills.