Class Descriptions


Enjoy extra warmup movements and a slower pace with plenty of room to modify.  A good class for beginners or continuing students who like a gentle approach.  All levels welcome. Also appropriate as a pre-natal class.


Assumes you know the basics. Kripalu Yoga always uses a sequence of warmups to prepare you, and our moderate classes include more varied and challenging postures and flows, breathing practices and meditation.


This blended class assumes you know the basics, and leans to the Gentle side of Moderate. You are encouraged to move at the pace that works best for you, slowing down or challenging yourself more as needed.


This is a Gentle class that ends with restorative yoga poses. Restorative yoga complements all other more active practices and lifestyles by triggering the parasympathetic nervous system, creating deep balance in the body. All levels welcome.

Mindful Flow

Meditative flow using mindful breathing, steady holding of postures and smooth transitions. Move deeper into your body and mind with a slower vinyasa. This class assumes you know the basics.

Breath & Calm

This class offers simple, deeply effective breathing, meditation, and relaxation practices accessible to all students of any age and fitness level. Students can choose to practice in a chair or on the floor.


This class emphasizes the subtle practices of yoga which support the awakening process.  The foundation of this exploration is the embodiment and integration of the subtle energy body with the physical body. The class is full and closed to new students for now.

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