Eliza Pierce

Who I am:
Longtime yoga practitioner who shares my love of life with my students. Lover of mantra and kirtan, lifelong student of Ayurveda, yoga’s healing sister science.

What I teach:
I teach to spread the love of yoga and meditation and to inspire others to follow their path.

My current classes (and workshops) include:
Moderate here at WholeHeart, Kripalu style; all level classes in Scarborough.

What brought me to yoga:
Starting 25 years ago, this practice has always drawn me into the present, allowing the busyness of life to settle.

Favorite pose (and why):
Child pose is a favorite of mine because it calms body and mind as well as aids in digestion.

Off the mat:
I am a mother and lover of nature. Swimming in the ocean, camping, and hiking are just a few of the things I love to do with my dogs, daughter, and friends.

Certifications, Trainings & Degrees:

  • Certified 500 hr yoga instructor with Yoga Spirit & Kim Valeri, 2007
  • 1500 hr Ayurvedic yoga therapist, Kerala Ayurveda Academy
  • Intern in India at hospitals 2014, through Kerala Ayurveda Academy