Lucinda (Lulu) Wingert

Who I am

I am a compassionate and joyful person. I discovered my love for yoga growing up in a chaotic environment, searching for peace and embodiment. I love to recharge in nature, and stay closely connected there. 

What & Why I teach

I teach from a place of meeting people where they are, and encourage students to focus on connection to self, so that they can more fully recognize what’s happening inside. Teaching every asana as something active, not static. Teaching alignment for safety, and steady, intentional breath throughout class. Being in the present moment and noticing sensations in the body to help people recognize a more intimate, deep and rhythmic connection to the body-mind and innate wisdom they have.

My current classes
Currently an occasional sub for WholeHeart. I also teach SeaChange yoga classes for transitional housing, and online and in-person private classes for businesses or individuals.

What brought me to yoga

Growing up with family members with the dis-ease of addiction, yoga was the only thing that brought me back to myself and a state of ease, safe connection, and being grounded. To counter trauma, I found myself seeking out yoga classes more and more.. In college, I was happily met with more like-minds and decided to travel to CA to get my YTT at the age of 20. Yoga has helped me find clarity, peace, to know myself more intimately and find more ease with the natural waves of life.

Favorite pose (and why)

Baddha konasana or bound angle pose. Reclined or seated, this posture can be so nurturing with the hands on the body. The soles of the feet coming together in this shape brings me connection to self. Having the hips wide apart helps me continue to stay open to receiving, simultaneously releasing stuck energy. 

Off the mat

You may find me anywhere in nature! Most likely with my dog, Jersey Girl, sitting in the sun or marveling at the beauties of nature. I love practicing yoga outside, feeling a greater sense of connection to the earth. I also have great love for outdoor adventures, coffee shops, dancing, collaborating on art projects, painting, cooking, crafting with plants and herbs in the kitchen, visiting family and friends, as well as sitting with a cup of tea and a book or finding some candlelight and poetry.

Certifications, Trainings & Degrees

  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Mark Stephens, 2018
  • Drumming and Yoga workshop at Kripalu
  • Yin Yoga continued education with Mindy Muse
  • 20 hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Radiant Beginnings
  • Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from SMCC